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Fees - effective 11th January, 2021 - Note: Cost to families are estimates only

Age Group

Core Program Full Fee Daily

excl. bus transfer times

Est. cost to Families

with Eligible Hrs & 85% Subsidy

Additional hours

over assessed CCS Eligible hrs

< 3 years $86.00 $27.00 $10.08 - 13.45
Pre-Kindy & Kindergarten $81.25 $21.70 $10.00 - 12.78
School Aged $68.00 $15.82 $11.33

Multi-Day Discounts are available based on minimum 36hrs/fortnight and 85% CCS eligibility + HCC/pension card

Pre-Kindy Core Program Kindergarten Core Program
$53 for 3 days $31 for 3 days

%%Kindergarten funding is available for 40 weeks per years (i.e. Qld School Terms), attendance above the 40 weeks is payable at the Pre-Kindy gap fees.

  Est. cost to families - based on Eligible hrs + 85% Subsidy
Morning Program (2 hr core) $5.65 per session
Morning Program (2.5 hr core) $9.59 per session
Afternoon Program (2 hr core)    $5.65 per session
Afternoon + Late Program (3 hr core) $9.59 per session
Vacation Day Program (6 hr core) $15.82 + $2.64/hr additional

&& Gap Fees for School Aged attendances must be paid in advance or a centrepay payment plan established and operational until fees are fully paid. Families are encouraged to establish a centrepay payment plan prior to commencement of Vacation periods to ensure sufficient funds are available to cover attendances at each Vacation period.

Other Fees and Charges

Enrolment fee $30.00 per child – This fee covers establishment of each child, investigation and communications required with families on Childcare Benefit related issues.

Bond fee $50.00 per child ($100.00 per family cap applies) – This fee is held until we are advised that a child will no longer be attending this service. It may be utilised to offset any outstanding childcare account fees and will be refunded to a nominated bank account once all outstanding childcare account fees are paid in full

NOTE: Child Care Subsidy (*CCS) is made available through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). All families are eligible for a minimum 16.76% with many families entitled to a higher percentage of up to 85%. This percentage can be worked out on daily scheduled fees to reduce the amount per day you pay. 

Child Care Subsidy

Parents may apply for fee relief known as Child Care Subsidy (CCS) through Centrelink. This can be done by phoning Centrelink on 136 150, applying online at www.centrelink.gov.au or by attending your local Centrelink office. The amount of CCS paid is based on the assessment of your family’s gross income. 


PDF version of Fees effective 12th July 2021

Child Care Benefit

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